New Year, New Madness

5 hours 48 minutes.

The cultist seem to have gotten their act together and are preparing to begin the ceremony. The sheep and virgins are sheared and shaved and anointed with the unholy oils.

I did have to…help a cultist along to the other side, since he didn’t…well the sheep was burned as it was unclean.

So who is ready for some insanity?

4 hours 50 minutes

We’ve had a setback.

It seems that a group of adventurers decided to crash our party. My cultists managed to kill a couple of them and subdue the others, who are now tied up and will make a wonderful treat for the Ancient One when it passes into this universe.

They did harm the sacred decahedron, but the cultist are repairing the damage. I did lose a couple more cultists but luckily, I made allowances for this and have some held in reserve for any such accidents.

Things will continue on schedule as the night progresses and we will open the gateway.

3 hours 24 minutes

One of the cultists went insane, or I should say more insane, killed one of the adventurers we captured and proceeded to feast upon her flesh. I had a couple of the other cultists subdue him, tie him up, gag him and place him with the remaining two captured adventurers. A soul is a soul, no matter how twisted it is and the Ancient One will be hungry when it emerges from the other side.

We also had a virgin try to escape. He didn’t get far before my cultistscaptured him. He won’t be escaping again.

Things proceed with making the way clear and the opening of the gate. The decahedron is repaired and the ceremony starts soon.

The air is beginning to take on a special flavor and smell as the energies build.

2 hours 15 minutes

Things proceed as ordained. The decahedron seems to occupy more space than is natural. As I stare into it, I see things that no sane mortal would wish to gaze upon.

The cultists are preparing the animals and the virgins for the final ceremony. It is hard to keep them on task as the madness is starting to take a hold of them.

I can hear the dreams of the Ancient One in its slumber. The glacial thoughts that flit across its sleeping mind. It presses upon my mind, threatening to break it, but I am strong.

The ancient tome seems to pulse with a life of its own as the time draws near. Soon I will open it and read the sacred words and the whole world will share in my madness.

1 hour 30 minutes

I can feel the Ancient One as it begins to awaken. All of my training has led to what is about to happen. My mind is being assaulted continually now. The cultist are being driven into a frenzy. Everything is prepared. The animals scream in terror as they feel the veil begin to thin between this universe and the other.  The virgins have begun to speak the holy tongue. They are chained around the decahedron in the prescribed symbol.

The air seems to pulse around everything. I can see as the life force of the virgins is drawn into the decahedron that flashes into colors that I cannot begin to describe.

Very soon. Very soon the way will open. Very soon the Ancient One shall emerge into this universe and the world will tremble in glorious madness.

30 minutes

I have seen the terrible visage of the Ancient One. I felt a bit of my fleeting sanity as it was destroyed. The world twisted around me and for a moment I was not standing upon the Earth. I was in some ancient and dead place beyond time. Terrible and great things floated through the sky, slumbering and dreaming. I could taste the dreams of those slumbering gods and I felt my soul quake.

Then I returned, my fingers digging into the leathery cover of the tome. I opened it, the ancient and holy words seemed to move as though alive.  Those cultist that retained some of their sanity moved to their appointed places. Most of the sheep were dead, from terror and from the life being sucked from them.

The virgin’s chorus continued to grow in volume as the decahedron seemed to expand but still maintained the same space it occupied. I can’t look upon it for long as it is a strain just to maintain what is left of my sanity from the thoughts of the Ancient One as it awakens.

It hungers.


The holy words flow out of me. I can feel the power of the Ancient One as it pushes against the gateway. I can feel it as it pushes against my mind. The agony is beautiful. The pain cleanses me.

The unholy chorus of the virgins reaches a crescendo and is silenced as the cultist end their existence, opening their throats, their blood flowing freely. It floats through the air and is sucked into what was the decahedron.

The decahedron that has ceased to be a decahedron and turned into something more. Something that reaches between this world and the other. The world warps around it.

The Ancient One approaches and begins to push into this world. The cultist begin to throw themselves into the void, feeding the terrible being that emerges.

The last of my sanity is consumed as the power of it fills me. Such agony flows through my body. Such beautiful agony. The madness consumes me. I am one with it. I am its avatar, its flesh, its dream come to life.

Now the world will tremble. The world will share in my madness. The world will know the glorious agony that tears through my body.


About Joseph Capdepon II

Bearded, opinionated, writer and lover of all things science fiction, horror or fantasy related. Thank you for reading.
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