Bob Costas is a Moron

Dear Bob Costas,

First, I would like to congratulate you for saying just about the most inane, ignorant thing I’ve heard in a while on television. “If the gun wouldn’t have been there, Belcher wouldn’t have killed his wife”, are you serious?

For you and the anti-gun morons who are so scared of inanimate objects, I guess it makes sense. After all, why would someone who obviously wants to murder someone else and then take their own life only use a gun? Obviously if the firearm was not there, he wouldn’t have done it.

Forget about the myriad of other objects in a house that could be used to kill or seriously harm someone. Forget about Belcher being a football player, which means he was most likely very fit and very strong and could have strangled his poor wife if he wanted to.

Seriously though, all you anti-gun morons, take a moment. Take a moment and walk through your home. Take a piece of paper and a writing utensil and make an inventory of every object that could be used to either kill or harm another human being. Then think about that list really hard.

What you anti-gun idiots fail to understand is that firearms are nothing but a tool to be used. They are an inanimate object. I can do as much harm with a screwdriver, car, baseball bat, tree branch that I could do with a gun. People who want to harm other people will find a way to do so, no matter what stupid laws you try to institute.

Remember, when you disarm law abiding citizens because you wet your panties every time you see one of those evil firearms, all you do is create a victim.

If you want to be a sheep waiting for the wolves to tear your throat out, so be it. Be the willing victim, but there are those of use who refuse to be victims. We refuse to let the wolves attack us. We will stand and we will fight, using all the tools at our disposal.

Not so sincerely,

Joseph Capdepon II


About Joseph Capdepon II

Bearded, opinionated, writer and lover of all things science fiction, horror or fantasy related. Thank you for reading.
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One Response to Bob Costas is a Moron

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