New Year, New Madness

5 hours 48 minutes.

The cultist seem to have gotten their act together and are preparing to begin the ceremony. The sheep and virgins are sheared and shaved and anointed with the unholy oils.

I did have to…help a cultist along to the other side, since he didn’t…well the sheep was burned as it was unclean.

So who is ready for some insanity?

4 hours 50 minutes

We’ve had a setback.

It seems that a group of adventurers decided to crash our party. My cultists managed to kill a couple of them and subdue the others, who are now tied up and will make a wonderful treat for the Ancient One when it passes into this universe.

They did harm the sacred decahedron, but the cultist are repairing the damage. I did lose a couple more cultists but luckily, I made allowances for this and have some held in reserve for any such accidents.

Things will continue on schedule as the night progresses and we will open the gateway.

3 hours 24 minutes

One of the cultists went insane, or I should say more insane, killed one of the adventurers we captured and proceeded to feast upon her flesh. I had a couple of the other cultists subdue him, tie him up, gag him and place him with the remaining two captured adventurers. A soul is a soul, no matter how twisted it is and the Ancient One will be hungry when it emerges from the other side.

We also had a virgin try to escape. He didn’t get far before my cultistscaptured him. He won’t be escaping again.

Things proceed with making the way clear and the opening of the gate. The decahedron is repaired and the ceremony starts soon.

The air is beginning to take on a special flavor and smell as the energies build.

2 hours 15 minutes

Things proceed as ordained. The decahedron seems to occupy more space than is natural. As I stare into it, I see things that no sane mortal would wish to gaze upon.

The cultists are preparing the animals and the virgins for the final ceremony. It is hard to keep them on task as the madness is starting to take a hold of them.

I can hear the dreams of the Ancient One in its slumber. The glacial thoughts that flit across its sleeping mind. It presses upon my mind, threatening to break it, but I am strong.

The ancient tome seems to pulse with a life of its own as the time draws near. Soon I will open it and read the sacred words and the whole world will share in my madness.

1 hour 30 minutes

I can feel the Ancient One as it begins to awaken. All of my training has led to what is about to happen. My mind is being assaulted continually now. The cultist are being driven into a frenzy. Everything is prepared. The animals scream in terror as they feel the veil begin to thin between this universe and the other.  The virgins have begun to speak the holy tongue. They are chained around the decahedron in the prescribed symbol.

The air seems to pulse around everything. I can see as the life force of the virgins is drawn into the decahedron that flashes into colors that I cannot begin to describe.

Very soon. Very soon the way will open. Very soon the Ancient One shall emerge into this universe and the world will tremble in glorious madness.

30 minutes

I have seen the terrible visage of the Ancient One. I felt a bit of my fleeting sanity as it was destroyed. The world twisted around me and for a moment I was not standing upon the Earth. I was in some ancient and dead place beyond time. Terrible and great things floated through the sky, slumbering and dreaming. I could taste the dreams of those slumbering gods and I felt my soul quake.

Then I returned, my fingers digging into the leathery cover of the tome. I opened it, the ancient and holy words seemed to move as though alive.  Those cultist that retained some of their sanity moved to their appointed places. Most of the sheep were dead, from terror and from the life being sucked from them.

The virgin’s chorus continued to grow in volume as the decahedron seemed to expand but still maintained the same space it occupied. I can’t look upon it for long as it is a strain just to maintain what is left of my sanity from the thoughts of the Ancient One as it awakens.

It hungers.


The holy words flow out of me. I can feel the power of the Ancient One as it pushes against the gateway. I can feel it as it pushes against my mind. The agony is beautiful. The pain cleanses me.

The unholy chorus of the virgins reaches a crescendo and is silenced as the cultist end their existence, opening their throats, their blood flowing freely. It floats through the air and is sucked into what was the decahedron.

The decahedron that has ceased to be a decahedron and turned into something more. Something that reaches between this world and the other. The world warps around it.

The Ancient One approaches and begins to push into this world. The cultist begin to throw themselves into the void, feeding the terrible being that emerges.

The last of my sanity is consumed as the power of it fills me. Such agony flows through my body. Such beautiful agony. The madness consumes me. I am one with it. I am its avatar, its flesh, its dream come to life.

Now the world will tremble. The world will share in my madness. The world will know the glorious agony that tears through my body.

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Supernatural Today interview with Lucinda Devereux

The following was originally printed in “Supernatural Today,” the October 2014 issue in an abbreviated form. It is presented here in its full form, with nothing edited out.

The interviewer is Chris Smith, a long time contributor to the magazine and website. He interviewed Ms. Lucinda Devereux at her home in Louisiana. She was 64 at the time.

CS: Ms. Devereux, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

LD: Honey, it’s my pleasure. I’ve seen your magazine at the supermarket. Y’all do get some things right and it does give me a giggle at the things y’all get wrong.

CS: Umm, well thank you.

LD: I’m sorry, would you care for some lemonade or iced tea?

CS: Iced tea would be wonderful ma’am.

LD: So you wanted to ask me some questions?

(Lucinda is standing in the kitchen pouring me a glass of tea, a smile on her face.)

CS: Oh yes ma’am. As I’m sure you know, our magazine is about the world of the supernatural. You are kind of a legend in many circles, among those who practice the Arts.

LD: A legend? Ha, I don’t know about that. I do what I can. I did learn from the best.

CS: Could you tell our readers about yourself? Where you were born?

LD: Well, I was born in New Orleans in 1950. The way my granny tells it, the doctor almost had himself a fit. I looked like a little white baby when I popped out of my momma. A squalling, little white baby with a head of straight black hair, probably from one of great-great grandpa’s or my granny’s granny who was a powerful medicine woman, a Choctaw I think. Must have gave that doctor a fright, with my daddy standing in the waiting room.

CS: You said that you learned from the best. Who is it that taught you?

LD: Why my granny of course. She was a powerful witch in her own right. It runs in our family on the female side. My mother was just as powerful from what I’ve been told.

CS: You didn’t know your mother?

LD: No honey, I didn’t. She died when I was five. The only memory I have about her is going to town and having ice cream with her and my daddy when I was little. I barely remember the funeral.

CS: I’m sorry.

LD: No need to be sorry. We are all on this Earth for a limited amount of time. Some of us shorter than others.

CS: So, your grandmother and father raised you?

LD: Only my granny. My daddy died at the same time as my momma and before you ask, they were murdered, though it looked like an accident. That is what the police filed it as anyways, an accident, but Granny knew better.

CS: Your granny knew better?

LD: I don’t want to bore your readers with my family history.

CS: Ms. Devereux…

LD: Call me Lucy sweetie or Grandma Lucy, like the kids around here do.

CS: Lucy, if you wish, please go on. I doubt that your history will bore our readers. Like I said, you are a legendary figure to many people.

LD: Ha ha ha, well if you say so. Granny and Momma had been hunting down a very evil, voudon medicine woman who had set up in New Orleans. She had been practicing some very dark, evil magics and my Granny and Momma were trying to stop her. Momma and Daddy were on their way to New Orleans when something happened to their car. The police said that Daddy swerved off the road into a bayou. They were trapped in the car and drowned. Granny knew it wasn’t an accident, so she went to where it happened and found out the truth.

CS: What was the truth?

LD: The voudon woman had summoned something that attacked my parents. I was thirteen when Granny told me the truth about what happened. The summoning was very black magic, a terrible thing to unleash into the world.

(Lucy’s demeanor changes while she is telling me this. Her face hardens and her eyes seems to darken.)

CS: Ms. Lucy, if you don’t want to go on, I have other questions for you.

LD: I’m fine. Granny knew who had summoned the creature, but the creature was loose and Granny had to hunt it down before she could deal with the voudon woman.

CS: What was it that she summoned?

LD: I know your magazine is about the Supernatural, but how much do you know about the other side?

CS: Probably more than most. I’ve been interviewing people like you and investigating supernatural activity for about ten years now.

LD: What she summoned can best be described as a demon. A creature of pure hate and hunger. Granny knew that if she didn’t hunt it down and banish it back to whatever Hell it came from that a lot more people would die. So that is what she did.

CS: I’ve never heard of someone actually being able to summon a demon before. I’ve heard rumors but have never found any evidence, besides some old church documents.

LD: It can be done, if someone has the power and is willing to make the proper sacrifices.

CS: What sacrifices?

LD: Babies.

CS: Babies? How could anyone do that?

LD: The voudon woman was a very evil woman. She didn’t care. The black magic she used had warped her, changed her. Turned her into a monster.

CS: So what happened after your granny banished the demon?

LD: She went after the vodun woman. They fought and she got away, but Granny hurt her before she was able to get away.

CS: Thank you for sharing that. If I may, when did you first find out about the supernatural world?

LD: I’ve known about it since I was born. Every child knows about it. We just forget. It is beat out of us by science and the world. People don’t want to remember the things they saw as babies and children. They don’t want to remember the monsters in the closet or in the woods, even though they do exist.

CS: So you are saying that people forget on purpose?

LD: Of course they do. Life is hard enough for many as it is. Why make it harder? It is best to just ignore the supernatural and push it off as crazy superstitions. Why do you believe in the supernatural Mr. Smith?

CS: Well, I witnessed something and I knew what I saw was real, even though I didn’t want to believe it, so I started investigating. Ten years later, here I am.

LD: Not many people have that kind of will. They don’t want to see the world as it really is. Lucky for them, there are those of us who do see it and protect them.

CS: So you see yourself as a protector of the world?

LD: Of course. My whole family has protected the world from the things that go bump in the night. The medicine woman I told you about, she helped President Grant out, fighting those KKK boys after the Civil War.

CS: Could you tell me more about that? I’ve not heard anything about this.

LD: Why do you think the head of the KKK is called a Grand Wizard?

CS: I never really gave it much thought.

LD: When they first formed their group, they delved into the black magics, to help them terrorize the freed slaves and other blacks in the south and to take revenge on the Yankees for winning the war. They had an uprising and the Grand Wizard at the time was trying to work some serious magic to bring down the north. My ancestor volunteered to help the federal troops fight them.

CS: Obviously they won, though the history books tell a much more, tame version of the story.

LD: Well of course. Even though people lived closer to nature back then, they still didn’t want to know about the other side. It wouldn’t be the last time the government changed the history of something to change the truth.

CS: What do you mean, the government changed the truth?

LD: Honey, the government knows all about the supernatural. They have their own organization that deals with it, they just keep it very quiet. No need to scare everyone.

CS: So you are saying those conspiracy theories about the Men in Black are true?

LD: Ha ha ha, well, I don’t know about all that. All the young men and women I’ve dealt with have been very nice and polite.

CS: Well, I hope they don’t come pay me a visit. Ha, ha, ha.

LD: What else would you like to know?

CS: What was the first supernatural creature that you encountered?

LD: I think I was six. It was a couple of faeries.

CS: Faeries? Like Tinkerbell?

LD: Not really. These faeries couldn’t really harm me, but they were very mischievous creatures. Tore up a few plants in my Granny’s garden. There is a reason why there are myths about leaving food and drink out so nothing bad happens.

(At this point, there is a knock at the door. A young couple is standing on the porch. I can’t hear the conversation that goes on between them and Lucinda.)

LD: Mr. Smith, I’m sorry, but I have to cut the interview short. There is some business I have to attend to.

CS: It has been a pleasure Ms. Devereux, I mean Lucy. If I may, can I come back and continue this at a later date?

LD: It would be my pleasure. Now don’t worry about your glass and you drive safe, and watch out for those Men in Black. Ha ha ha.

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Debunking an internet meme

There is a meme that has been circulating concerning the attack on Benghazi and attacks on American embassies or consulates during the Bush presidency.  The meme is says that 60 people died.  Of those 60 people, only one was an American citizen, a U.S. diplomat.  There was no lies about what happened.  A video that had nothing to do with the attack was not blamed.  The diplomat died in a bombing, not a sustained attack by enemy forces.

Here is the meme.


Here is the breakdown and stats for each attack.

January 2, 2002:

“Heavily-armed gunmen have attacked the US Government’s information centre near the American consulate in Calcutta, killing five policemen.”

Zero Americans killed.

June 14, 2002:

“No Americans were reported killed, but one U.S. Marine guard and five Pakistani employees, who were all inside the compound at the time, sustained minor injuries from flying debris, State Department spokeswoman Lynn Cassel told the Associated Press.

The victims included at least four Pakistani policemen stationed around the consulate, four women and one man who were nearby, police said.”

Zero Americans killed.

February 28, 2003:

“Two police officers have been killed and six others, including one civilian, have been injured after gunmen opened fire outside the U.S. Consulate in the Pakistani city of Karachi.”

Zero Americans killed.

June 30, 2004:

“The explosions, which occurred outside the buildings of both embassies in the Uzbek capital Tashkent, appeared to have been set off by suicide bombers, Reuters reported. Two Uzbeks were killed in the attacks.

A U.S. Embassy official said no Americans were injured as a result of the blast.”

Zero Americans killed.

December 6, 2004:

“Five consular employees — four local staff members and a contract guard — were also killed. Four other local staff members were injured and recovering in hospitals, U.S. officials said.”

Again, no Americans killed.

March 6, 2006:

A U.S. diplomat was killed in a bomb blast. There was no lies about why it happened or what the cause was. There were no lies about the lies.

September 12, 2006:

“Four armed men attacked the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday, killing one Syrian security guard and wounding several people in what authorities said was an attempt by Islamic guerrillas to storm the diplomatic compound.”

Zero Americans killed.

March 18, 2008:

“No American officials or embassy employees were killed or wounded, embassy officials said. Six of the dead were Yemeni guards at the compound entrance, and the other four killed were civilians waiting to be allowed in.”

Zero Americans killed.

July 9, 2008:

“Turkey bolstered security at U.S. diplomatic installations across the country Wednesday after men armed with a pump-action shotgun and pistols shot and killed three Turkish policemen outside the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, officials said.”

Zero Americans killed.

September 17, 2008:

“Attackers used vehicle bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons to mount a coordinated assault on the U.S. Embassy here Wednesday, leaving 10 guards and civilians dead outside the main gate but failing to breach the walled compound. No Americans were killed.”

Zero Americans killed.

I guess four Americans being hung out to dry, not given military aid when it was readily available doesn’t matter does it?  To quote Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make?”

*Post Script*

I got to thinking about his.  While 60 people did die in these attacks, only one American was killed.  At no point did the Bush administration try to cover up these attacks.  At no point was the media complicate in helping the Bush administration cover up these attacks.  Each of these attacks were reported by what was usually a hostile media.

One American died in attacks aimed at our Consulates and Embassies under President Bush. That American died due to a bombing.

Four Americans died in one attack.  One attack that lasted hours.  Two brave Navy SEALs gave their lives trying to protect an Ambassador that was forgotten by his boss. No help was given as terrorists stormed the American embassy in Benghazi.

Can you see the difference here?

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“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”- Robert A. Heinlein
Freedom.  That one word carries with it a meaning that goes far beyond what the dictionary defines it as.  The United States of America was founded on the idea of freedom.  This idea that we the people should be able to govern ourselves with as little interference from a central government as possible.
Freedom is a dangerous thing.  When you have freedom, you alone are responsible for yourself.  This idea that we are best able to decide how our lives should be lived.  That we citizens should be able to defend ourselves against harm from those that would seek to take our life and liberty from us.  That we are the best arbiter for our own lives.
There is often an argument brought up when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and firearms.  The Antis constantly say that they have a right to be safe or children have a right to be safe.  This argument is false and has no standing in reality.  No one has a right to be safe.  The very ideas that this country were founded on, the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The idea of freedom of the individual means that you have no right to safety.
Life is a calculated risk.  Every day that you wake up, crawl out of bed and venture out into the world, you take risks that could end your life.  There are those that believe they can somehow legislate safety.  That by passing laws that do nothing but restrict the rights of citizens, they will somehow be safer.  They are willing to give up their freedom, for this false sense of security and safety.

The idea of freedom scares them.  They can’t see themselves being responsible for the safety of their own lives.  They want someone else to take care of them, to protect them from all the bad things in the world.  They are perfectly willing to give up their rights and the rights of their fellow citizens so that they can feel safe in the world.

I myself would rather live with dangerous freedom than to ever give up any rights in the pursuit of that false sense of security and safety.  I understand the risks I take everyday of my life.  I understand that no matter what, I am the only one responsible for myself.  Only I have the ability to protect my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  It is because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that I have the freedom to do so. 
Thus we come to the crux of the problem.  Those that are scared of freedom want to use force in the form of government to make all others abide by their ideas of safety and security. 

This bearded Texan will never bow to such demands.  As the quote at the beginning says, “if I find them too obnoxious, I break them.”

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Night of the Fireflies – A work in progress

     Grandma Lucy sat in her favorite chair on the back porch, enjoying the cool fall night.  The sounds of the swamp at were a sweet symphony to her ears, one of the small joys in her life.  She got up to fix the bread, thinking it would be perfect for the breakfast she was going to make the Tibedaux boys tomorrow when they came to fix the fence around her garden.

     With the bread left to rise on the counter, she stepped back outside to gather up her tea cup and the book she was reading.  As she exited the door, she paused something different about the night.  Then she noticed how quiet it was, even the insects had stopped their nocturnal song.  She grabbed the onyx pendant that hung around her neck and mouthed a few words as the sounds of the swamp slowly started to come back.  She gathered up her cup and book and went back into the house, touching the ward carved into the frame.

     The next morning, Lucy was in the kitchen placing the last plate of food on the table when she heard Tim and Billy Tibedaux as they let themselves in the front door.

            “Granny Lucy, we’re here,” Tim called out.

            “In the kitchen boys.  Breakfast is ready.”

            The boys walked to the kitchen and gave Lucy a hug before sitting at the table.  Plates filled with crisp bacon, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and buttered toast sat on the table.  Lucy poured each of them a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and sat down.

            Lucy smiled at the boys, “Dig in.  I know young boys have a strong appetite and Grandma Lucy’s breakfast is always the best.”

            The boys piled their plates with food.  They ate with all the vigor of twelve year olds, as though this could be their last meal.

            “Did you hear that Katie Miller went missing?” Billy asked between mouthfuls.

            “How do you know that?” Lucy asked.

            “We heard mom talking to Mrs. Miller on the phone this morning before we came over,” Tim told her.  “She told her that dad would help look when he got back from the hardware store.”

            Lucy leaned back in her chair and sipped her coffee, her eyes focused on a black and white picture hanging near the back door.  The photo was of her mother, grandmother and herself.  The day it was taken was one of the last happy memories she had of her parents.  The boys finished up, cleared the table, placed their dishes in the sink and headed outside, eager to get to work.  She smiled at the enthusiasm of the two.  Though sometimes they could be real trouble makers, the boys knew how to put in a good days work.

            The boys had the fence fixed by lunch time and she treated them to some cold fried chicken, fresh baked biscuits dripping with cream butter, fresh vegetables from her garden and large glasses of iced sweet tea.  Lucy held the onyx pendant hanging around her neck, watching the boys eat, her mind thinking about the missing girl.  The odd moment last night when the night went quiet troubled her and she couldn’t shake the feeling that they were connected.

            “I’ve got something for you boys before you leave,” she said, standing up and walking into the living room.  She opened a box on the mantle and removed two necklaces with a silver pendant formed in the shape of a winged creature brandishing a flaming sword.  She handed one to each of the boys.

            “I want y’all to have these and wear them,” she told them.  “My granny would always tell me, “Limyè a Pwoteje” which means the Light Protects.  They will protect you from anything that would try to hurt you.  Promise me you won’t take them off.”

            “Are they magic Granny Lucy?” the boys asked in unison.

            “Serious magic boys,” Lucy said with a smile.  “You promise me you won’t take them off.”

            “We promise,” the boys said at the same time.  They understood that Grandma Lucy knew things they did not and when she told you something, you did it.

            “Now run off home and don’t be playing in the woods at night,” she told them.  Lucy gave each boy a hug and stood on the porch and watched them as they raced away down the dirt road on their bikes.

            She walked into her bedroom, changed into her hiking shoes, grabbed her knapsack and walking stick and exited through the back door.  She donned a boonie hat to keep the sun out of her eyes and walked into the woods.  Something had to have scared everything into silence last night and she was going to find out what it was.  Everything left a trace, a scent, a mark on the earth as it passed, it was just a matter of recognizing it.

            About a half mile into the woods, she noticed that the insect sounds had almost ceased to exist.  She gripped her walking stick a bit tighter as she moved deeper into the trees.  She walked into a small clearing, with a small pond on one side and almost dropped her stick.  A child’s body was sprawled face down on the water’s edge.  Tears rolled down Lucy’s face as she walked closer to the body, which she discovered to be a young girl, maybe nine or ten years old.

            She knelt down next to her and gently turned her over.  Katy Miller’s face was frozen in a rictus of fear, her mouth open as though she died screaming.  Lucy cried over the body of the child for a moment as the anger built within her.  She opened her knapsack and removed a small vial of blue powder, a cloudy yellow crystal carved to look like an owl and a handful of dried herbs.  She said a prayer over the body and sprinkled the herbs around the girl.

            She stood back up, opened the vial, poured the blue powder into a hand and threw it into the air.  She gripped the crystal in her left hand and closed her eyes.

            “Brisé, montre sa ki te konsa yo sou domèn ou,” she said.

 She opened them and the clearing took on a different aspect.  She could see the violence of the girl’s death and the mark of the creature that did it.  She saw where they both entered the clearing, the fear of the girl and the hunger of the creature that chased her.  She walked over to the spot where the first attack happened, where the creature first tasted the fear of the girl.  Something caught her eye on the ground and she knelt down to get a closer look.  Two dead fireflies lay there, but these fireflies were bigger than any she had ever seen.

            She placed them in an empty mason jar that she pulled from her bag, then put the jar back.  She stood up and looked around the clearing again and then at the body of the girl.  As she walked back to her house to call the Sheriff, she thought that perhaps it may be time for her to get one of those cellphones that seemed to be so popular.

#  #  #

            “Thanks for the breakfast Lucy,” Sheriff James Walters said as she refilled his coffee cup.

            “Jim, it is always a pleasure to visit with old friends,” she said, “You want to talk about Katy Miller don’t you?”

            “The coroner examined her body last night.  They couldn’t find any marks on her besides a few bug bites.”  He sat up straighter in the chair and looked Lucy in the eyes, “They are going to say that the cause of death was heart attack.  She was ten years old, but they can’t find any other cause.”

            “What do you want me say Jim,” Lucy asked.  “She didn’t die from natural causes.”

Lucy raised her hand, cutting off the question Jim was about to ask, “And no, I don’t know what killed her yet, but I do have an idea.”

            “It’s been quiet for so long, why now?” he asked.

            “I don’t know, but whatever it is, I will stop it.  I promise you that,” she told him, reaching out and taking his hand in hers.

            “Be careful damn it.  Don’t go getting yourself killed.  No one else in the parish cooks Creole like you.”  They stood up and he hugged her before leaving.

            She watched him as he drove away, her mind back on the fireflies she found.  There was that familiar feeling at the back of her mind, like a word that you know that is on the tip of your tongue but it eludes you.  She made her way into her workroom.  Bookshelves covered three walls from floor to ceiling full of books of every size and thickness.  A table sat in the middle, covered with a red cloth, an open book and a pile of dried herbs sat on it.  Various plants hung drying from racks, a work table on the only open wall was full of labeled containers of powders, liquids and in some cases, dried carcasses of insects and animals.

            She removed a slim, leather bound book from the bookcase and sat it on top of the open book on the table.  She grabbed the mason jar with the fireflies off the work table behind her and placed it on the table next to the book.  She let out a sigh as she found what she was looking for.  The picture of a female with long hair, fingers like claws and an unearthly perfect face was drawn on one side of the page.  The image of a group of fireflies was drawn next to the female. 

            That night, she sat on her back porch, waiting to see if the creature would make another appearance.  After having fed, it was probably content to stay hidden in whatever lair it had made for itself but still she waited until the ancient grandfather clock in her living room chimed midnight.  She would have to go back to the clearing and see if she could pick up its trail, follow it to wherever it had hidden itself and deal with it.

            The next morning she was up early as she always was, making coffee when Sheriff Walters arrived.  He knocked on the back screen door before coming in.  He removed his hat and stood there for a moment, almost at a loss for words.

            “Another child went missing sometime last night,” he told her, taking the cup of coffee that she offered him.  “The Boudreaux family down on Canal Street discovered that their son, Walter, was not in bed this morning.”

            “You think it is connected to Katy Miller?” Lucy asked him.

            “I don’t know Lucy, but considering that what killed Katy is something not human and another child goes missing…yeah, I think it may be related,” he said.

            “Well, I found out what it is that did it,” she told him, “It is called the Adze.”

“What the hell is an Adze,” Jim asked.

“It’s a vampire type creature that originated in Africa and it can shape shift into a swarm of fireflies to lure its prey.”  She went into her workroom and returned with the mason jar that the fireflies were inside of and sat it on the table.

            “That must be how it got the kids to leave the house at night,”  he said as he picked up the jar and looked at them. “A big swarm of these flying around, begging to be caught.”

            “Well, according to what I’ve read, you can’t kill it exactly, but I should be able to banish it.”

            “Banish it?  Banish it where?  Should?” Sheriff Walters asked her.

            “Hell, Africa, some alternate dimension,” Lucy said, “I don’t know Jim.  Yeah, should.  I’m pretty sure it’s possible but you know how that goes.”

            “Do you need my help with anything?” Sheriff Walters asked her.  “You know I’m still a deadeye with my pistol.”

            “Firearms won’t hurt it and I don’t want to worry about your skinny white ass while I’m trying to banish it,” she told him with a smile.

            “You used to like this skinny white ass Miss Deveraux,” the Sheriff said, as he returned her smile.

            “That was long ago and we were both a lot younger,” she said.  “Seriously though Jim, I’ll be fine.  I may be older but I’m still strong.  I have what I need and I know what needs to be done.  Don’t worry about it.”

            “Well if you need anything, and you know I mean anything, you call me,” he told her as he stood up.  He gave Lucy a hug and walked out the backdoor.  She watched him get in his car and waved to him as he drove away. She picked up the jar and took it back to her workroom.

#  #  #

It was the second ring that woke Lucy from her troubled slumber.  She glanced at the clock on her nightstand and wondered who would be calling her at this ungodly hour.  She shuffled into the living room and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” she answered.

            “Ms. Lucy?  It’s Mary Tibedaux.”

            “Mary, what’s wrong honey?”

            “It’s the boys,” Mary said as the words rushed out. “John checked on them when he went to the restroom and they weren’t in their beds and their window was open.  I was hoping maybe they had come up to see you for some reason.”

            “I haven’t seen them sweetie,” Lucy said as her heart started to race. “I want you to get off the phone with me and call the Sheriff and tell him what happened.”

            “It’s not like them to do something like this,” Mary said.

            “Mary, listen to me.  Calm down and call the Sheriff,” Lucy told her.  “I don’t want you and Terry to go charging off into those woods either.  If the boys come home, mom and dad need to be there.”

            “I’m scared Ms. Lucy.  I don’t want them to end up like those other two kids,” Mary said, her voice breaking.

            “Mary, you don’t worry about that.  The boys will be fine, I promise you,” Lucy said.  “Now hang up the phone, call the Sheriff and try to stay calm.”

            Lucy said her goodbyes and hung up the phone.  She walked into her room and got dressed, putting her hiking boots on.  She grabbed her walking staff and a flash light then walked out the back door, headed towards the woods.  If the boys had worn the pendants she gave them, the vampire could not touch them, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t hurt them.  The woods were oddly quiet and that put Lucy on edge.  All the denizens of the night were silent, hiding from the unholy predator that stalked the woods beneath the light of the half moon.  Up ahead, she saw small lights flickering in between the trees, so she quickened her pace.

            She broke through the trees into a clearing just as the fireflies came together into the human form of the vampire.  Tim and Billy were sitting on the ground, hugging one another and crying, their eyes shut.  Lucy raised her walking staff above her head in both hands and brought it down, striking the ground.  A bright flash of light flared from its top.  The Adze screamed in pain and exploded into its firefly form.  They flew around the boys and Lucy before dispersing into the trees.  Lucy walked over to the boys and knelt down next to them.  They let go of each other long enough to grab onto her and clutch her tightly.

#  #  #

            Lucy refilled the Sheriff’s coffee cup and set the pot back on the stove.  The Tibedaux boys had left five minutes earlier with their overjoyed parents.  Lucy had brewed a special pot of tea for the boys to calm them down when they had returned to her house.  When the boy’s parents finally showed up, it was a happy reunion and they weren’t angry, they were just happy to have their boys back.

            “It was the vampire, wasn’t it?” the Sheriff asked Lucy.

            “Yeah,” she said with a sigh, “thankfully, the boys were wearing the protective pendant I gave them.  It didn’t stop them from getting hypnotized but she couldn’t hurt them.”

            “I hate feeling so incompetent and not being able to protect my citizens,” Sheriff Walters said.

            “I know James, but you know that just having you to lean on helps me do what I have to,” Lucy said.

            “When are you going to be ready to deal with it?” he asked.

            “I have everything I need.  I just have to set a few things up and I’ll be ready,” she told him.  “After last night, she is probably also going to be pretty pissed at me.”

            “Well you better be careful damn it,” he said, “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

            “Jim, when have I ever gotten hurt?” she asked him, smiling.

            “You aren’t as young as you used to be,” he said as he laid a hand over hers, “I don’t want to lose one of my dearest and oldest friends just yet.”

#  #  #

She laid the ingredients and the necessary tools for the banishment out on the table in the middle of her workroom.  She stood in front of the table and ran over the process in her head, reading each step multiple times until she could recite it from memory.  It was noon when she finished and the rumble of thunder in the distance confirmed why her leg was hurting.  The hunt for the Adze would have to wait until the next day when her leg wasn’t aching so badly.

            That night, she was once again sitting on her back porch enjoying the cool night air.  She was remembering another night like this when she was nineteen when the silence of the night intruded upon her thoughts.  She focused on the tree line behind her house and noticed a twinkling of lights moving through the trees.  She stood up as she noticed it was moving closer to her house.

            A swarm of fireflies moved out of the trees and toward her home.  A smile appeared on Lucy’s face as the fireflies stopped about twenty five feet from her back porch, some falling to the ground dead.  In the blink of an eye, they coalesced into the nude form of a young ebony skinned woman.  Her body was perfect, the ultimate image of sensuality.  Long dark hair spilled down her back and framed a face of unearthly beauty.

            “Old woman,” the creature hissed, “you tread upon dangerous ground witch.  Leave me be and I will not drain you of your power.”

            “Silence!” Lucy shouted.  “Leave this place or I swear by the gods of the Light that I will send you back to whatever Hell you crawled out of.”

            The creature laughed at Lucy as it walked back and forth, testing the strength of the ward guarding the house.  Lucy gripped the onyx pendant around her neck and stood straighter as she raised her right hand.

            “You are not welcome here.  In the name of Anyawu, leave this place,” Lucy said, raising her hand above her head.  It started to glow brighter and brighter as she repeated herself.  The creature emitted a cry and turned for the woods, transforming once again into the swarm of fireflies and disappeared.  Lucy stopped the chant and sat down heavily into her seat, breathing hard. 

“Now I have your scent,” Lucy said, “And I will find you in whatever hole you’ve hidden yourself in.”

            She did not tell the Sheriff about her encounter with the creature when he stopped by the next morning to check on her.  After he left, she changed into her hiking gear and walked to the spot in her back yard where the creature had stood the night before.  She pulled a dark blue crystal from a pocket, closed her eyes and mumbled a few words in Creole.  She opened them and the aura of the creature stood out in stark relief against everything else.  The pure, unadulterated evil of the creature was a dark red scar running through the yard and into the woods.

            She walked it into the woods, following the trail for a couple of miles as it led her deeper into the swamp.  Eventually, it led her to an area that seemed barren of all life.  She did not see or hear anything from insects, birds or small animals in the area.  She knew that this was where the creature slept during the day.  Considering that there could be no cave for it to hide in, it had to be in its firefly form, spread out over the area.

            Lucy sat her bag down and stood there for a moment, taking in the surroundings and forming a plan in her mind.  She opened the bag and removed a small sharp dagger, the image of a sun carved into the polished bone hilt.  She opened her left palm and sliced across it, wincing a bit at the sting of the sharp blade.  She cleaned her blood from it, placed it back in its sheath and dropped it into the bag.  She pressed her hand against the tree, her blood smeared into the bark.  She then pressed the fingers of her right hand into her left palm and drew the same sun image around the smear of blood.

            “By the goddess Hepa, come and get me,” Lucy said with a cold smile.  She took one more look around and started her trek back to her house to prepare.

            Night arrived with the rumble of thunder and lightning tearing through the sky.  Lucy sat on her back porch watching the show and waiting, a fresh cup of coffee on the table next to her.  She took a sip of the coffee and tried to calm herself.  It had been awhile since she had faced off with anything this strong and while she was older, she wasn’t worried about dying.  It was the idea of failure that frightened her-had always frightened her.

            “Lord, I know I don’t talk to you often these days,” Lucy prayed, “But if it is my time, I’m ready.  If not, let me kick this unclean beast back into whatever Hell it crawled out of.”

            It was close to midnight when Lucy noticed the first of the fireflies drifting through the trees.  She set her cup down and slowly stood up, her left hand reaching up to touch the pendant around her neck.  The fireflies grew in number and moved from the trees but stopped short before it ran into the barrier her wards created.  The fireflies continued to gather until they were a swarm of blinking lights. They seemed to melt into one another and the creature stood there in her unearthly beauty once again.

            “You summoned me, witch,” the creature said, “Do you wish to sacrifice your life to me?”

            “Sacrifice my life?” Lucy asked, “I’m going to send you back to whatever Hell you pulled yourself out of.  So why don’t you come join me on my porch and we can get this over with?”

            The creature reached out a hand to where the ward barrier should be but met no resistance.  A very cold smile spread across her face as she slowly walked towards Lucy.  Lucy returned her smile and as the creature crossed the boundary of her wards, she brought her hands together.  A cascade of light rippled across the yard as the ward barrier came up behind the vampire.  The vampire screamed in rage and slammed a fist into the invisible boundary.  It winced in pain and turned towards Lucy.

            “You will suffer for this insolence, witch,” she told Lucy.  “Your pain will feed me for a very long time.”

            The monster surged forward, her form splitting apart into the hundreds of fireflies that comprised it.  They swarmed towards Lucy, emitting a high pitched whine.  She threw her hands up to cover her face as they hit her.  She stood firm as they broke around and battered themselves against her, flinching as they cut into her skin.  They continued to fly around her, pushing her to her knees.  She reached into her pocket, removed a vial and threw it to the ground.  It broke open, emitting a bright flash of light.  The fireflies fled from her, a number of them falling onto the porch dead.  She wiped the blood from a cut on her cheek and stepped down into the grass.  The fireflies were gathered together again and the creature stood before Lucy.

            She was no longer the unearthly beauty as before, her face was something from a nightmare.  Large eyes that gleamed red, a long mouth full of razor teeth, lean muscular arms ending in hands with claw like fingers.  Her hair poured off her head in a tangled mess, hanging over her shriveled chest.  Lucy took a step back, full of revulsion for the fiend standing before her.  It hissed and lunged for her, a hand shooting out to try and rip into her.

            This time Lucy was ready and she raised her hands, a protective barrier surrounding her.  The creatures hand impacted upon the barrier and ignited in flame.  The beast cried out in pain and stumbled backwards, clutching the smoking hand.  Lucy took a step forward, her hands dipping into her pockets, removing a few more of the vials.  She tossed them in the direction of the creature and when they broke upon the ground, they each emitted a burst of light as bright as the noon day sun.  The vampire cried out in pain with each burst of light and continued to back away.  Lucy continued to toss the vials, driving the creature backwards.

            The creature stumbled against the ward barrier and screamed in rage.  Its form wavered, fireflies bursting into flame, falling to the ground.  Lucy brought her hands together again and the barrier surrounded the creature.  The vampire beat against it enraged.  Lucy flinched with each blow it landed.  The monster continued to beat against it and Lucy stumbled, going to a knee.  The barrier wavered for a moment and the vampire cried out in joy but Lucy raised her head and pushed herself to her feet.

            Lucy stood there silent for moment, watching as it fought against the weakened barrier.  Slowly, she went to her knees and drew symbols in the grass with her silver dagger.  The creature noticed the symbols and fought harder against the barrier, howling in rage.  Lucy grunted in pain, each blow from the hell spawn weakened it further and sent a jolt of pain through her head.

            “In the name of Hepa goddess of the Sun and by Surya’s holy chariot, be gone from this world,” Lucy intoned, stabbing the dagger into the center of the sun image she had drawn into the ground.

            The creature roared and Lucy staggered under the strain of holding the barrier up as it slammed itself against it.  It started to flicker and failed.  Lucy stumbled back as the vampire surged forward, reaching for her.  Its claws dug deep into her left arm, tearing her flesh.  Lucy screamed in pain, almost passing out.  The monster cackled with glee as she grabbed Lucy and threw her to the ground.

            “The old magic is not as powerful as it used to be old woman,” the vampire hissed as she brought her bloody hand to her face and licked the blood from her fingers.  “You may not be young, but you are powerful.  I haven’t tasted such richness in a very long time.”

            Lucy pushed herself to her knees, her mind racing, grasping for some way to fight the creature.  Blood soaked her left side and if she did not stop the bleeding soon, she would pass out.  Lightning ripped across the sky followed closely by thunder.  The vampire looked up into the sky as it started to rain, a cold laugh coming from her.  She looked down at Lucy who clutched her bleeding arm.

            “Are you ready to meet your God witch?”

            Lucy pushed herself to her feet, as pain flooded her body.  She stood there in the rain, a smile on her face as the creature advanced on her.  The Adze raised its hand preparing to strike her down when a shot rang out.  It cried out in pain, flinching backwards from Lucy.  Three more shots rang out and the creatures form flickered.  Lucy turned and saw Sheriff Walters slowly walking towards her, a rifle at his shoulder.  He fired again, the vampire screamed in pain and exploded into its firefly form, retreating into the woods.  The Sheriff was barely able to catch Lucy as she collapsed into his arms.

#  #  #

            Lucy woke in a hospital bed, her left arm immobilized, wrapped in gauze and bandages.  She looked around the room and noticed Sheriff Walters asleep in a chair in the corner.  She smiled at him and said a prayer of thanks that he arrived when he did.  She shifted in bed, trying to sit up and Sheriff Walters woke up, rising to his feet.

            “Well, you are finally awake,” he said to Lucy, walking over and taking her right hand in his.

            “Thank you James,” Lucy said, her voice breaking. “How long have I been here?”

            “Two days,” he told her. “You lost a lot of blood Lucy, it was a near thing.”

            “You didn’t call Marie did you?” she asked him.

            “No Lucy, I know you want to keep her out of all this.”

            “Thank you James,” she said as she pushed the blanket covering her aside.  “Now, are you going to help me get out of this bed?”

            “Lucy, I don’t think that is a good idea.”

            “James, either you can help me, or am I going to have to do it all myself.”

            James sighed in resignation and helped Lucy get out of bed and get dressed.  A nurse entered the room after Lucy removed the monitoring leads attached to her.  A few stern words from Lucy and the nurse left to call her doctor.

            “Well, let’s go,” Lucy said. “That monster isn’t going to kill itself.”

#  #  #

            Lucy and James sat at the kitchen table while a pot of coffee percolated on the stove.

            “So what’s the plan?” James asked her.

            “The plan is I’m going to kill that creature before it can hurt anymore children,” Lucy said.  “Don’t try to talk me out of it either Jim.”

            James shut his mouth and looked at her.  He stood up and poured them both a cup of coffee, setting hers on the table by her.

            “How are you going to do it?” he asked.  “Your magic didn’t stop it.”

            “No, it didn’t stop it for long, but it was hurt by the magic,” Lucy replied.  “It is out there, recovering, weak and I’m going to finish it before it gets to strong.”

            “You aren’t doing it by yourself,” James told her. “I don’t care what you say, I’m going with you.”

            “If you are going with me, I need you to go do something for me first,” Lucy said, pulling a pencil and pad of paper over.  “A few things I’m going to need.”

            She wrote for a moment, tore off the piece of paper and handed it to James.  He looked at it reading it, started to smile and then laugh.

            “Damn Lucy, you always surprise me,” he told her.  “Give me about two hours and I’ll be back.”

            “Take your time James,” she told him, “I have a few things to get ready myself.”

            It was mid afternoon when the Sheriff returned to Lucy’s home.  He grabbed a box from the bed of his pickup truck and brought it inside, setting it on the kitchen table.

            “Lucy,” he called, “I’m back with what you wanted.”

            “I’m in the workshop,” Lucy hollered.  “Bring them back here please.”

            James picked up the box and walked into Lucy’s workroom, placing it on the only clear spot the massive oak table had on it.  He noticed a black leather bound book laying open on the table with writing on the pages that made his eyes hurt.

            “What is this?” James asked, pointing at the book.

            “That is a very powerful, very old grimnoir,” Lucy said.  “One that I have not used in a very long time.  Old magic.  Powerful magic.”

            “If it is so powerful, why didn’t you use it before?” he asked her.

            “I didn’t think I would need it,” she said, “Besides, it is dangerous.”

            “Dangerous?  How dangerous?”

            “Jim, you are going to have to trust me,” she said as she started to unload the box of bug spray.

            “You didn’t answer my question Lucy,” he said, as he placed a hand on hers, stopping her from unloading the box.  “How dangerous is it?”

            “It is some of the darkest magic that has ever been written down.”  She placed a hand on the book.  “In the hands of someone who didn’t know what they were doing, they could die or worse.”

            “Or worse?  What could be worse than dying?”

            “Having some hell beast ride around in your flesh,” Lucy said.  “Now, are you going to help me or are you going to keep distracting me?”

            Two hours later, the bug spray was ready and packed in a bag.  Jim slung it across his back, his shotgun carried on a sling, hanging across his chest, ready to be used.  Lucy carried another pack on her back and the silver dagger on her hip.  The sun was low on the horizon and thunder rumbled in the distance.

            “Well, looks like we may get wet, but we should reach it’s lair before the sun goes down,” she said.  “It won’t give us much time but we can do this.”

            “I know,” James said.  “Lead the way.”

            Lucy walked across her backyard with James behind her, his hands resting on the shotgun, and into the woods.  It took them much less time to reach the creatures hiding spot, as Lucy didn’t have to search for it.  As they neared the creature’s lair, the woods grew silent.  Lucy stopped and motioned for James to hand her the bag of bug bombs.  She reached into the bag and withdrew one.
            “Well, let’s see if it is awake yet,” she said, tossing the bug bomb ahead of her. 

As it impacted the ground, it exploded, the smoke traveling along the ground, up trees, into bushes, fireflies began to fall dead to the ground where the smoke traveled.  The rustling of hundreds of insects taking flight filled the woods.  James brought the shotgun up to his shoulder as he clicked the safety off, stepping to one side of Lucy so she would be out of his line of fire.

The creature coalesced in front of them.  It lacked any of the beauty it had from the night before, its glamour gone.  What stood before them was the creature in all of its hideous appearance.  It hissed as it stretched its sinewy arms towards them.

            “I told you that I would kill you Adze,” Lucy said.

            “You and the other will suffer for this witch,” It said.  “I can still taste your blood.”

            Lucy reached into the bag and pulled another bug bomb out and tossed it at the creature.  As it neared it, James opened up with his shotgun, silver buckshot tearing into the upper torso of the vampire.  It screamed in pain and lunged toward him.  The bug bomb impacted the ground, exploding, the smoke seeking it out.  As the smoke touched its skin, the areas turned black and dead fireflies fell from it.

            James shot it again in the chest.  It staggered back as Lucy tossed two more bug bombs at its feet.  They exploded, the smoke curling around its legs.  The vampire screamed in agony as its legs were being eaten away.  It launched itself at James, knocking him to the ground.  Lucy screamed, kicking it in the face.  As the vampire reared back from the kick, James pushed the shotgun into its abdomen and pulled the trigger.

            The creature doubled over, falling off of James.  He pushed himself to his feet and backed away as Lucy started to drop more bug bombs around it.  As they exploded, the smoke they emitted quickly moved to the creature.  Soon it was surround in the enhanced smoke of the bug bombs.  It screamed as its flesh was eaten away.
            Lucy stepped back as she threw the last bug bomb.  She moved over to James to check on him.  They stood there and listened to the vampire scream in agony as it died.  As the smoke cleared away, a pile of dead fireflies littered the ground.  Lucy reached into her bag and removed a bottle of oil.  She walked over to the pile of fireflies and poured it over them in an intricate pattern.  She stepped back, pulling a box of matches out, lighting one and tossing it onto the pile.  Fire blossomed up, forming the sun image she had carved into the ground before.

            “Time to go home Sheriff,” she said, leaning against James.  “Maybe we will beat the rain back.”

            They both looked up at the darkening sky as they walked back towards her house.








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Longing for Winter

I know most people dread the winter months.  I know that most people become depressed when the leaves fall off the trees, the weather turns cold and the sky turns grey.  I am most alive during those months.  I feel rejuvenated, awake, vital.  The cold, crisp air energizes me.

I can’t wait for it to get cold.  Then I will take long drives through the Texas countryside.  My windows rolled down, my hoodie on, the cold wind rolling over me as post-rock spills forth from my speakers.  Maybe Explosions in the Sky, or Godspeed You Black Emperor, or Mogwai, Caspian, Sigur Ros, or MONO.  The list is long.  Just driving through the country, lost in the music and the cold.

I want to sit in a field and just watch the stars.  Somewhere far from the cities.  I want the heavens to open up above me as I sit there and let the cold seep into my body.  Staring up at the starry sky, feeling how insignificant all my worries are.  Letting the cold cleanse my soul as I stare into the face of the gods.

I want to sit around a fire, under a curtain of stars.  My friends around me as we listen to the crackle of the wood as it burns and we just sit there, content to be in each others presence, no words having to be spoken.

I can’t wait to breathe in that first lungful of cold, crisp air.  To feel the cold penetrate into me.  That wonderful sensation of you feel on your ears and face as the cold attacks you.

That is what I miss, what I long for.

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My 42 must see Science Fiction Movies In no Particular Order

This is a list of 42 science fiction movies that I consider a Must See.  They are in no particular order I just listed them as I thought of them.

1)  Aliens –

2)  Blade Runner –

3)  Children of Men –

4)  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back –

5)  Jurassic Park –

6)  Serenity –

7)  Event Horizon –

8)  Terminator 2: Judgement Day –

9)  Independence Day –

10) Dune(both versions) – and

11)  The Abyss –

12)  Stargate –

13) Pandorum –

14)  The Last Starfighter –

15)  Enemy Mine –

16)  The Postman –

17) Robocop –

18)  Akira –

19)  Ghost in the Shell –

20)  Pitch Black –

21)  Dark City –

22)  John Carter –

23)  Gamer –

24)  Push –

25)  Screamers –

26)  Southland Tales –

27)  Sunshine –

28)  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy –

29)  The Fountain –

30)  Equilibrium –

31)  Impostor –

32)  Galaxy Quest –

33)  The Faculty –

34)  Gattaca –

35)  The Fifth Element –

36)  A Scanner Darkly –

37)  Inception –

38)  Pacific Rim –

39)  Paul –

40)  Titan A.E. –

41)  Escape from New York –

42)  The Thing –

So I couldn’t get to fifty, at least not 50 that I would consider must see films.  Each of these movies I listed here has had some kind of impact on me by watching them.  I’m sure some will agree with a number on my list and you will also question a number of them.

For me, while I do love good science behind my science fiction, I also enjoy a movie that is entertaining and fun.

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Lists, or the supposed 50 must see Science Fiction movies

Well first, I will give the link:

I can say that I’ve seen 44 of those 50 movies.  I’ve enjoyed most of them.  I also wouldn’t consider all of them science fiction and I don’t consider most of the “Must See” science fiction movies.  So I’m going to do a breakdown of all 50 and give my not so humble opinion of the films.  You don’t have to agree with me, but it will make your life much better if you do.

1)  12 Monkeys –

A time travel movie with an apocalyptic side as well.  Bruce Willis is a convict sent back in time to try to stop the release of a virus that wipes out most of humanity.  The only science fiction part of this movie is the time travel aspect.  Why it fails as a movie is that if a culture could create a way to time travel, they should be able to produce the cure for any disease, up to and including death. So that begs the question, why go back in time to stop the release of the virus? Why not just fashion an anti-virus? This one should not be on the list.

2)  2001: A Space Odyssey –

A Stanley Kubrick film that also has a novel that was written at the same time by Arthur C. Clarke and the two collaborated on the project while it was being done.  The movie is long but interesting, I doubt that many of the younger movie goers of today would enjoy the film.  I’ve seen the movie a number a times and I read the book.  As usual, the book goes into more detail that you don’t see in the movie.  This movie should belong the Must See list and I do consider it science fiction.  You have a enigma in the form of a monolith discovered on the Moon that is over 3 million years old.  Upon it’s discovery, it shoots a signal to Jupiter and a space ship is dispatched to investigate.  The ship is run by an A.I. named Hal-9000 that ends up going insane. Eventually the A.I. is disconnect and the sole remaining astronaut Bowman goes to investigate a monolith that is orbiting Jupiter.  It is revealed to be a doorway and Bowman undergoes a transformation.

3)  A.I. Artificial Intelligence –

This movie is based on Brian Aldiss’s short story “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long.  I have not read the short story so I can’t remark on that aspect of it.  Originally this movie was a Stanley Kubrick project.  I do wish that he would have been able to make the movie as I believe it would have been much better than it was.  Kubrick gave it to Spielberg in 1995 to run with.  It is science fiction but I can’t agree that it is one of the 50 Must See movies.  It is about an android and its adventures from the first moment it is activated and its A.I. goes online until the last, when aliens dig it out of a frozen Earth and reactivate it for a few moments.  Really, the movie is not worth the time, so don’t waste it watching it.

4)  Akira –

I remember seeing this animated film for the first time.  It was amazing.  It is based in a future Tokyo where people have psionic capabilities.  A secret military project goes wrong and endangers Tokyo and it is up to a biker gang of psionic youth to put a stop to it.  I recommend this title and agree to its place on the list.

5)  Alien –

In space no one can hear you scream.  The first movie in what has turned into a franchise with seven films so far.  This is science fiction.  In my opinion this is a pretty good science fiction movie.  You have a crew on a industrial space ship that discover an alien life form and then have to battle it as it slowly takes them out one by one.  I can still remember the scene in the dining room, when the young alien bursts from the guy’s chest.  Yes this one should be on the list and I recommend it.

6)  Alien Nation –

It has been a while since I’ve seen this movie but it is about an alien race known as the Newcomers, that is stranded on Earth and is eventually integrated with humanity.  The plot follows a human and alien who are partners in the police force as they investigate the Newcomer underworld.  While this is science fiction, I would not consider the movie one of the 50 Must See.

7)  Aliens –

My favorite of the Alien movies, this is a Must See for me.  Ripley is awoken a number of decades later after she goes into cryo-sleep at the end of the first movie.  She is tasked by the company she works for to go with a contingent of Colonial Marines back to the planet to investigate the crashed alien vessel.  The planet is now home to a terra-forming colony.  Chaos ensues as the Marines land and find the colonies base destroyed and empty with signs of battle.  The colonist discovered the alien ship and bad things have happened.  A great action sci-fi movie.

8)  Avatar –

I have not seen this movie and I refuse to ever see this movie.  While it can be considered science fiction, I would never put it in any list of movies to watch.  The premise of this film is complete crap.  The idea that a stone age culture would be able to defeat a culture that has developed Faster Than Light travel is ridiculous.  If you were to run into trouble with the natives on the planet, you pull your people back into orbit and drop KEWs on the natives until they give up.  End of movie.

9)  Back to the Future –

This is a funny, entertaining movie.  Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod star in this time travel comedy.  It is only science fiction because of the time travel aspect but it is a must watch movie for me.  I wouldn’t necessarily put it as one of the 50 Must See though.

10)  Blade Runner –

Based on the Philip K. Dick short story “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” this is a visually striking movie that is a must see.  It stars Harrison Ford as Deckard, a Blade Runner who hunts down rogue androids.  The film is dark, gritty and visually a masterpiece.  I would recommend it to friends.

11)  Brazil –

I haven’t seen it.

12)  Children of Men –

Based on the novel of the same name by P.D. James, we are transported to the future England where humanity has stopped having children.  This is a very distopian world that humanity inhabits.  It stars Clive Owen as Theo Faron who is hired to spirit away the first pregnant female since humanity went sterile to a safe place at sea.  The novel and movie are both wonderful and I recommend them.

13)  A Clockwork Orange –

Another Kubrick film based on the novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess.  I can kind of see how personality adjustment could be considered science fiction but I wouldn’t consider it so.  I also don’t consider this movie one of the 50 Must See.  It is an odd movie with some memorable scenes but it is not a Must See.

14)  Close Encounters of the Third Kind –

A Spielberg film about mankind’s encounter with aliens.  It is a feel good movie and I can agree with it being in the 50 Must See.  I would recommend this movie to those who have not seen it.

15) Cloverfield –

A movie that is shot from the perspective of a hand held camera, it centers around a group of friends at a party in New York City when a giant monster attacks the city.  It is vaguely science fiction though it does not belong in this list.  I do enjoy the giant monster movies, though you don’t really get to see this one until the end of the film.  Being shot from the perspective of a hand held camera, it can get quite annoying at times.  It was okay and I would only recommend it to fans of the giant monster type movies.

16) Contact –

Based on the novel of the same name by Carl Sagan, this could be considered science fiction and is a pretty good movie.  I have not read the novel but I do enjoy the movie.  Dr. Ellie Arroway played by Jody Foster intercepts a signal from another star.  In that signal are embedded plans for a device.  The government builds the device and Dr. Arroway takes a ride and makes contact with an alien intelligence. 

17) Dark City –

This is a dark science fiction film.  It is one that I would highly recommend to friends to see.  I enjoyed the movie immensely.  The movie centers around a man who has amnesia, trapped in a city where these mysterious individuals with telekinesis control things.  The visuals are great and the story line is entertaining.  I can agree with it being on the list.

18)  Dark Star –

I haven’t seen this one.

19)  District 9 –

Aliens land in South Africa and are segregated into a refugee camp.  They are harshly dealt with.  A government agent is exposed to their biotechnology and grows sympathetic to their plight.  It is a decent movie though it is shot from the prospective of a news crew for most of it and suffers a bit in that.  I would consider it science fiction but I don’t know if it is a Must See.

20) E.T. The Extra Terrestrial –

A young boy finds a small alien who was left behind on accident.  This is another Spielberg film.  The boy and alien form a bond and the alien is trying to “phone home” when the government finds them and tries to take the alien, which ends up harming the boy as well.  Eventually the escape and the alien is reunited with its family.  Unfortunately, Spielberg decided a few years ago, to go into the movie and digitally replace the handguns the Federal agents were carrying with radios.  It is a good family film if you can find a unaltered version.

21) Forbidden Planet –

I saw this movie a long time ago and I can’t really remember how good it was.  It is science fiction but I don’t know if it belongs on the list.

22)  Inception –

This is science fiction.  Delving into a person’s dream and implanting a command or extracting knowledge from that person’s brain.  This movie has some awesome visuals and action sequences.  The ending leaves you wondering what really happened.  I would recommend this movie to friends and believe it belongs on the list.

23)  Invaders From Mars –

I’ve seen this version, though it has been a long time and I barely remember it and I have seen the remake directed by Tobe Hooper.  I did enjoy the remake, I remember that much.  I can’t remember the original so I can’t comment on it being a Must See.  The remake is a fun movie though.

24)  Invasion of the Body Snatchers –

Robert Heinlein wrote the novel The Puppet Masters about alien parasites that take over and control humans in 1951.   Jack Finney wrote Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1954, about aliens that replace human beings and leave the humans in pods.  They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I guess if you are going to imitate someone, why not one of the masters.  Now the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers is not a bad film but not one I would say is a Must See.

25) Logan’s Run –

Based on a novel by William F. Nolan, this campy movie is science fiction but is not a Must See.  It is a interesting concept and the movie is enjoyable, though like I said, very campy.  I have not read the novel it was based on.

26)  The Matrix –

The first in a trilogy, The Matrix is science fiction and I can understand why it would be on the Must See list.  This movie changed the way special effects were done in movies.  It is an interesting story line and concept and is a dark movie.  It is the first in a trilogy, the second being a little stronger and the third being a huge disappointment.

27) Metropolis –

A classic in the genre of science fiction films.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen it.  I would only recommend it to those that are interested in watching “classics” as it were.  I can understand why they put it on the list but it wouldn’t be on mine.

28)  Minority Report –

Another movie based on a Philip K. Dick short story, Minority Report is about a police officer who is a member of the pre-crime unit.  They use a pre-cog who can see the future to stop crimes and imprison those that were going to commit the crime before it happens.  One day, a report comes in that Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, is going to commit a murder.  His character then tries to stop the crime from happening and goes rogue to do so.  He uncovers a conspiracy in the police department that unravels the pre-crime unit.  The short story and movie are similar but also quite far apart and I enjoyed both.  It is an interesting movie, but not a Must See.

29)  Moon –

I have not seen this one though I do want to.

30)  Planet of the Apes –

Based on the novel Monkey Planet by Pierre Boulle, an astronaut crash lands on a planet where apes are the dominant species and humanity are their slaves.  It stars Charleton Heston as the astronaut who has to battle the apes that have enslaved humanity.  It is an interesting movie, I watched it because it was a classic.  There is the twist at the end where Heston discovers that he is on Earth.  A Must See, I don’t know about that.

31)  Robocop-

A Detroit police officer is gunned down in a firefight and killed.  He is resurrected as a cyborg crime fighting machine.  It is a violent entertaining movie.  It would be on my Must See list.

32)  Rollerball –

Corporations rule the future and rollerball is their sport.  It was an okay film, not a must see.

33)  Silent Running –

I’ve never seen this movie.  Looks interesting though.

34)  Soylent Green –

It is the future, the world is over populated and there is not enough food.  The government makes a foodstuff called soylent green which turns out to have a deep dark secret.  Not a must see but an interesting movie in all its 70s camp.

35)  Sphere –

Based on the novel of the same name from Micheal Crichton, a sphere of something is discovered deep underwater and a science team is dispatched to study it.  They make contact with it and things start happening.  A mediocre movie at best.  Not a must see.

36)  Star Trek: The Motion Picture –

Not a must see for me, I’m not a Trekkie.  I’ve enjoyed the various movies in the series and the recent reboots. 

37)  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back –

Dark, entertaining, my favorite in the original trilogy.  Either you are a fan or you are not.  A must see for me.

38) Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi –

An okay follow up to The Empire Strikes Back.  My least favorite of the original trilogy but still a must see for me.

39) Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope –

The first in the original trilogy and my second favorite of the three.  Again a must see for me.

40)  Stargate –

A great movie and a must see.  A gate that opens a wormhole between worlds is discovered and a Special Forces team is sent through with one of the scientist that cracked the code to unlock it.  They encounter a powerful alien race and discover humans on the other side of the portal.  It helped to spawn the television show Stargate SG-1 that was amazing. 

41)  Sunshine –

The sun has dropped in its output and the world is freezing.  All the nations of the world put together a ship that is also a nuclear bomb to try to jump start the sun.  The science behind it is stupid and does not work but the movie is entertaining.  It has some amazing visuals.  I wouldn’t consider it a must see but it is a good movie if you can ignore the science.

42)  Superman II –

Saw it, not a fan of Superman.  This title shouldn’t be on the list.

43)  Superman: The Movie –

See number 42.

44)  The Terminator –

A cybernetic life form is sent back in time to kill the mother of the future leader of the resistance.  A member of the resistance is also sent back to stop it.  A violent entertaining movie.  I would consider it science fiction and would have it on my Must See list.

45) Terminator 2:  Judgement Day –

Since Skynet the all controlling A.I. from Terminator failed to kill the mother of John Connor, the future leader of the resistance, this time it has sent back a more advance cybernetic warrior to kill John Connor who is now a teenager.  John Connor sends back the same model that he has reprogrammed and that hunted his mother to protect his teenage self.  Just as entertaining as the first movie and a must see.

46) THX-1138 –

A very odd movie.  I don’t know if I would recommend this one to friends or put it on a must see list.  It is about a man and woman who rebel against their rigidly controlled society.

47)  Total Recall –

Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick title “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” the movie and short story have nothing in common besides the name and character names.  The movie is entertaining enough and is fun to watch, but I would not consider it a Must See.

48)  The War of the Worlds –

Based on the novel by H.G. Wells, turned into a radio play by Orson Welles, this movie I can agree with being a Must See.  I still enjoy watching this version even today.  It is much better than the Spielberg version in my opinion.

49)  Westworld –

An adult themed amusement park where robots kill one another, Westworld is an interesting movie but again being made in the 70s has that camp that most movies of that era seem to have.  Eventually one of the robots malfunctions and chaos ensues.  I wouldn’t put it on a Must See list though.

50)  When Worlds Collide –

I saw this movie a long time ago and can’t really remember it.


There are quite a few on this as you can see that I wouldn’t consider Must See movies in the science fiction genre.  Hell, there are a few that I wouldn’t even consider science fiction.  There are movies missing from this list that belong on it, in my opinion anyways.  I’m sure everyone could come up with 50 Science Fiction movies that are a must see and while there would be some that are the same for the most part, you would have a wide variety of movies.

I may just put together my own list and see what people think of it.

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Our Freedoms Shall Not Be Infringed

Dear U.S. Government,

Take your dictatorial proclamation and shove it up your ass.

Spread the link below far and wide.  Download it.  Share it.


Every Freedom Loving American Citizen

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For now, Death is something that we all must face at some point in our lives, be it our own death or the death of a loved one.

I write this because down the hall, my Granny is dying.  The past few months her health has been failing and she has had a couple of extended stays in the hospital.  After the last one, we made her come live with us because she would not be capable of caring for herself.

At first, she was going strong but slowly, her health has declined.  Today, my parents took her to her doctor for a check up.  The doctor told my parents that she had suffered a stroke and now has pneumonia.  The doctor also said they had two options.  Stick her in the hospital or take her home.  Her time is short on this Earth.

Granny is my dad’s mother.  She is a wonderful woman.  I have so many wonderful memories of her and the time we’ve spent together.  Memories such as when I was in elementary school and sick and mom was working, so she dropped me off at Granny’s house for the day.  I would lay on the couch all day and watch television and she would cook me lunch.  I remember watching the old black and white giant insect movies. 

Or how wonderful her black eye peas taste.  Or her banana pudding.  The smell of her house.  The memory of when we were kids, playing in the yard which was so big but which is so small now.  Of the honeysuckle that grew on the fence and we would pull the flowers off and eat the sweet nectar out of them.  Of staying the weekend, especially during the winter, waking up in the morning and running into her room to snuggle under the covers with her.  Christmas Eve at her house and the stockings she had for each of us grand kids. 

So many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.  I am preparing myself for the day that she doesn’t wake up, the day that she finally leaves us.

A few years ago, my Maw Maw, my mom’s mother, passed away.  She was a quirky awesome woman.  My parents and sisters left before to drive to Mississippi because I could not get off of work to do so.  So that Friday, I left that morning to drive to Mississippi.  When I arrived, they and my cousins and aunts and uncle were at the cemetery preparing to dig her grave and prepare it for the funeral the next day.

So I spent the next couple of house digging her grave next to my grandfather and uncle’s grave.  This was in June, so by the time we were finished, all of her grandsons were soaked in sweat.  The funeral was the next day, a Catholic funeral but short and sweet.  We then moved to the cemetery for the service at the grave.  After that, they lowered her into the ground.  Everyone left except myself, my mother and father, my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Danny and my cousin Joseph who is called Curly.  Me and Curly filled her grave in.

The whole process was very cathartic and helped me with my grief.  I think if I could do this for every family member it would help me personally when dealing with my grief.  Of course my parents want to be cremated and I am fine with that.  I don’t want to be buried either.  Give me a Viking funeral and my soul will be happy to cross over Bifrost into whatever afterlife awaits me.

I will deal with the grief of Granny’s passing when it happens but it will be hard for me.  I was thinking of what we did for Maw Maw and how it helped me and how unfortunate that I won’t be able to lay Granny to rest in the same manner.

I will be strong for my family when that time comes.

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